Thursday, September 20, 2007

At Balaclava Station & Miss Libertine (Corner of Franklin & Swanston st.) During the weekend :)

Voodoo Theme wall, at Caledonian Lane
Together with Itch, Monkey, Deam & Dirty Sanchez...

Funny thing was, we only got to complete this wall a month after it started, because the Cops rock by and took all our paint due to a crappy reason saying that the wall was not properly legalized.. Can't they f*ckin' realized that this thing attracts visitors to the country and give life to gloomy alleyways? ...Not to mention the effort, money & time thats put in by the artists..

Greetings peeps..

The Munny Exhibition at Villain was awesome.. so many styles and lovely creations. I wasn't really happy with mine, but oh well.. hope you guys like it, painted a wall as well a few days ago, will update with whole join up soon.. Did one of my favorite Old school toy collection Themes, DINORIDERS, Remember that? well.. i did a piece on-top of my T-Rex and made lazer guns coming out of the piece, Props to JD for requesting the wall from the Melbourne council.. Have a good weekend peeps, God bless ya all :)

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