Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Did this sketch in my blackbook at 7.30am in the morning while watching Lock, Stock & two smoking barrels ... "Pretty Awesome Movie!"
Just wanna wish my fellow Malay & Indian friends a Happy Deepa-Raya 2006, Have a good festive season while enjoying lovely food & company... Let no racial difference bound us in any way... Malaysians are ONE...

Have a good weekend peeps.. Play Marbles in the sand!

Left-Right: Shieko, Sona, Astro1 & Orkibal...
Thanks for visiting Malaysia Astro... hope to meet you one day...

More updates of the wall that SWS & Orkibal X Astro1 from Canada... visit:

Sembur With Stylo!

Painted DTC today.... DALI GILLERRRR!
Sorry i made a mess with all that grey paint...

Painted a canvas while chiling at a friend's place ... Grey Kitty Cat!

Mum's Frozen sambal... kinda looks like Red Icey Mountain from the top...

Special Thanks to Perez, for producing this DVD that features SWS team & friends painting session at UBU Rooftop 2005... although i was not in it, it's still an honor to be included in the compilation...
If you're interested in recieving a copy of the DVD, do email: perezoldschool@yahoo.com / www.perezoldskool.com

The Cover design was done by our very own Shiekster.... Thanks again Perez man, you're the best!

"In My Room" = Spray Paint, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas
"Lion's Lolipop" = Spray Paint, Acrylic & Ink on Found Steel Signboard

Here are some pieces i did for the exibition, for your viewing pleasure
They'll be updated in the website real soon.... meanwhile, do visit: www.drewfunk.com/events.htm
Have a good week, peeps!

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