Sunday, November 27, 2005

We Be Burnin'...

Hello Hello, how you people doin' eh? ... here's a little black & white collabo of Mr.ChopStix with OneTwoDelta's Trucker Cap Dragon (http://seekglory.blogspot.com/) ... Enjoi!

Its a Wednesday... go get some icecream

It was Sona's Birthday a few days back.. and i can truly say, its a day that SWS will never forget for the rest of our lives.... Nasty's in Town, so we decided to hit city in behalf of sona's b'day celebration... To cut Long story short, three of us... sona,vds & me was cornered by undercover cops and drag to the station... it's a fucked up situation when people don't understand why do we do this, we were threaten and slapped.. but at the end, we got away clean.... i think God was with us that night... To tell you the truth, in Malaysia.. I’d rather trust a Gangster then trust the policemen..... these guys are scum that were once snatch thieves, with no education.. that decided to serve the government... and to bring their criminal acts to another level by miss using the law......

a word to you Motherfucking PIGS out there that caught us that night.... YOU CAN TAKE OUR MONEY, YOU CAN TAKE OUR PRIDE, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE AWAY OUR UNDYING PASSION..... can you even believe that these uneducated corrupted bastards are protecting our lives!!

to anyone that has contacts to any youth council, and would like to support or help build a creative and energetic future for our growing country.. do email me at drewfunk@yahoo.com... i wanna educate people about what we do, & why we do this!


Found this picture when i was cleaning Up my desktop, its a picture of the canvas i did for Planet Shakers when i was in melbouirne a few months ago, with Raymond & gang ... Man, i miss that place... Brings back sweet memories.. not to mention shitty ones too..

Tomorow is Sona's Birthday... so if you LOVE sona... visit: ilovesona.blogspot.com... send some kisses there! MUHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA.... have a great week everyone!

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