Monday, November 14, 2005

Warriors of Wildstyle!

I believe sharing is caring, so.. here's a little something i did a few wweeks back at the place i'm working in ... some character designs of my own version of a Monkey & a Turtle... Cheers!

Here's the guitar i did for Ash a few months back.. Thanks for the pic ash, its pimpin', i'm really glad you like it.... Just wanted to send a big FUCK YOU to all those Snatch Thieves out there... for murdering & injuring our woman and innocent old ladies plus making Malaysia a Better place....

My Interpretation of a Sona... One out of two characters i did the other day

Yo Yo Yo... here's some flicks of yesterdays event, the piece is still unfinished.. but the outcome was nice, will update the whole wall once its completed.. we did two pieces, two characters and bunch of name belts, shouts to Malaysian Today for the great opportunity.... Enjoy peeps, and thanks for visiting!

here are some sketches Sona & me did for each other...

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