Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here's two canvases that i just worked on not long ago, ones a wooden panel shaped like a bottle, which is for Yok's exhibition thats gonna be in Perth & another updated canvas that was painted about a year ago.... Enjoy!


  • At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Johanes said…

    Hey, it's been a while since my last visit here. Just checking out me good friend Drewster, I noticed you are developing the style quite significantly now. Interesting as always.

    Keep up the good stuff!


  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Shamir said…

    Stylo.. that's the word.. huhu

  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Jay Cam said…

    lol i love the second canvas!
    its so creative!

  • At 10:28 PM, Blogger -Flickzzz- said…

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