Friday, March 23, 2007

birdy for shady...

Requested canvas for Elke...

Met Flying Fortress & The London Police..

Funny thing was.. while finishing the forth one, two big ass security guards came outta no where with torch lights and walking slowly towards me, saying.. "Hows it going?" Thank goodness a trusty scooter saved my life!

Drew on Juice Mag, issue #56 .. go grab a free copy if you're around KL, Just wana give April of juice a big thanks and Hug for featuring my trip here in Melb :)

Have a good day peeps...

Bar Tending's not easy...

Yo Syco!!!
A piece i did today at the Kooyong drains, had only 3 cans.. and no background paint, oh well..
Greets to everyones back home in Malaysia, i miss home so much!

A requested canvas for Olivia. I call it "Sei Fei Birdies", don't ask why...

Found this on fotolog... guess people do like my work :)

a little freestlye character for the thai people...

Found This on the plane... The wall that i painted at rancho was featured..

Hey guys, its been a while.. i appologise for keeping you guys waiing so long, been like really busy with my part time job as a bussie & studies.. will try to update more now since i have a place to stay already, have a great weekend all you lovely people :) Enjoy!


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