Monday, December 13, 2004

Drew & Sona & the 1 day trip to Singapore

Yesterday Sona and I went for a One day trip to Singapore... Yeap, you heard me, 1 day Only... We took the train this time, due to fully booking on BUSES... Shieko and VDS can't make it this time, because one is working and the other is still in Melbourne. The Reason of the trip was to check out a HipHop Fest that was held in "Hong Lim Park" at Chinatown... There was a Graf Competition Held there ... and some of our mates from Project Burnerz and the AMC crew were participating in it. Plus my home boys KLG Sqwad was performing as well, how could i miss it.

We had fun Tagging and doing some throws at the SkatePark, and also Meeting so many Writers later at the HipHop Fest.. It started Raining at the starting of the event, but things went on later.... I was kind of unsatisfied because didn't get the chance to see The Killer Gerbil and to meet Phuek & The Artvst Crew before i left... But nevermind, coz theres always a second chance :)

Special Thanks DK for his hospitality and to Mr.BONY too.... Shout outs to AshD (Who didn't Join the Comp), Trase, DMS, Scola, Cate, Clog, Dice, LoCase, Tech, Asno, Sen, Slac, Sketch and everyone that i met but didn't mention.. It was an Honor meeting you Guys.... Hope you guys like the stickers i made :) .....
Love the ArtWorks, Adore the Attitude, Singapura Style ROCKSSS!!!.... Peace.

Some Gifts, Made to give Away...

Supper in the Train, on the Way there....

Sona with DK... we were on the MonoRail...

Workers, buffing the stickers of Killer Gerbil and Gang.. Sorry guys, i wanted to stop them... But they had weapons with them!

Wowwwww, Look at the Pretty Colorsssss........ Call us Jakoonz if you want man, but we never seen so many Copic markers before...


There were two Rows of Plywoods given for the Comp, This row was occupied by the Spray to George (STG), Project Burnerz (PB) & Operation Art Core (OAC) CREWS..... (above)


The AMC Crew Occupied this Half of the Plywood Rows.... (above)


I didn't get the chance to Take Pictures of everyone's finished ArtWork because we had to Rush to the Train Station... These are some of the pieces that were nearly Complete & i managed to Take a picture of it....







KLG SQWAD, on stage performing....

Sona's New Tag Line.... Muhahaha...

The Last Picture, the picture of our train... Such a Wonderful Piece of Virgin Canvas.... *Slurp*

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