Monday, January 09, 2006

Tiring but Inspiring

A very raw shoutout sketch i did on the bus on the way home from my one day trip to singapore together with a friend.. Didn't get to do everything that i had planned, but it was all good... got to meet Craven, an old friend of ours from college.. and Ket which is studying there.. at the same time i met up with inspiring graf heads of singapore, plus got to paint with them at Summerset... i hated to leave the place so early coz wanted to spend more time with fellow TAC members & mingle around with everyone... but time was passing by fast, wanna thanks Syco, Bony and everyone else that was there...

Special thanks too, to The Artvsts for letting Diffan & i stay over at their very cool studio.. it was all great fun, will be back there real soon ...

Congrats to SwanMei & Kensoe, you guys are officially Mr & Ms Goh now.. LOL, thanks for inviting us over to the wedding dinner... Enjoy the night yah? ;)


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