Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Word Up!

a picture of me, teaching our deputy prime minister how to tag... we did a mural for this event as well, strait after the melaka event... will update the pictures for this too real soon...

Here are some pictures of us at yesterday's KLAN's 2nd Anniversiry Party.. where we were invited by Joe Tirbe to do a live graffiti showcase... will update more pictures of the murals real soon... Enjoy the "Posing" pictures.. LOL


Some pink critters for Perez's office room ...

Dance baby... Dance....
a piece done yesterday at Tha-B's friend's joint, together with Shieko, Orkibal & Tha-B.... Lovely session guys, Word Up!

visit: http://orkibal.fotopages.com/ & shiekster.fotopages.com/ .... for more flicks!

a pair of custom air force one (low cut) ... requested by Zhen


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